About Chris Hutton

Chris Hutton was born in Italy.  His family moved to Grand Forks County in 1980. He attended Thompson Public School, where he graduated in 1993.

Chris’ sister, Myste, graduated from Thompson Public School in 1991 and shortly thereafter moved to South Carolina.  She returned back to Grand Forks in 2003.  She currently works for Grand Forks County Social Services.

Chris’ brother Jason passed away in a motor vehicle accident in Sept of 1997.  Jason was a senior at Thompson High School the year of his accident.


Chris’ loving parents are Tom and Marcia Hutton.  Tom retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant in 1997.  Marcia retired from United Hospital (aka Altru) in 1998.  She was a RN who finished her career working in the Quality Assurance division of United Hospital.

In July 2006, Chris was involved in an accident that cost him his right leg.  The driver of the striking vehicle was leaving the bar when he struck Chris on his motorcycle.  The driver then fled the scene and was located the next day.  Chris was air lifted to HCMC in Minneapolis where his leg was amputated.  Chris returned to work at the Sheriff’s Office in Sept where he was put on light duty.  He then went to full duty, no restrictions, in February 2007. 

Chris married Kelly on June 19th, 2010.  They purchased a house west of Grand Forks.  They began planning for a family in 2011.  May 19th 2012, Mason Hutton was born.  There were complications, and he was life flighted to Fargo.  He remained there until June when he was transported to Altru.  He was brought home on June 23rd. 

Kelly was diagnosed with cancer while Mason was in Fargo.  After his return, Kelly underwent radiation treatment and then surgery at the U of M in Minneapolis on September 10th, 2012.  She continued with Chemotherapy in 2013 to reduce the chance of reoccurrence.

In 2015, Chris and Kelly opened their home to families in need.  They started foster care services for the county.  Since then, they have cared for numerous children on an emergency basis, and also provided long term care for some.  They hope to provide a forever home for a child that has been in their care for a year and half. 

In April 2016, Chris underwent surgery where his kidney was removed due to cancer. 

Throughout all these life events, Chris has always kept an upbeat attitude.  He has used these life events to provide inspirational talks at schools, local events, and local families in need.  He puts others before himself and is a role model to many in the community.

Selfless Service

Chris was a boy scout in junior high until his freshman year at Thompson.  He was inducted into the Order of the Arrow before the boy scout troop diminished.

Throughout his high school years, Chris frequently helped others.  His Junior year, he became a volunteer firefighter and EMT for Thompson Volunteer Fire Department.  He was committed to the fire department and the community as he assisted others in need.

His senior year of high school, Chris assisted a 3rd grade teacher.  During his study halls, he would go to the 3rd grade class, where he assisted the students with geography, Social Studies, and Recess.

Chris graduated in 1993 and joined the Army National Guard, where he reached the rank of Sergeant. 

Chris was called to duty for:

    • 1997 – Flood of Red River
    • 2001 – 9/11 Operation Noble Eagle (Airport Security) - Initial Setup, then picking up shifts to cover when off duty from the Sheriff’s Department
    • 2003 – Operation Iraqi Freedom - 3 Month mobilization
    • 2003 – Search for Dru Sjodin - Joint Operations with the Sheriff’s Department and National Guard (while off duty)
    • 2004 – Operation Iraqi Freedom - 1.5 year mobilization to Iraq
    • 2007 – Northwood Tornado - Covering shifts when off duty from the Sheriff’s Department
    • 2011 – Flood of Missouri River (Bismarck)
    • 2011 – Flood of Souris River (Minot)

Although Chris fought the Medical Review Board for 6 years 2006-2012, Chris was eventually medically retired from the Army National Guard in October 2012.

In Nov 1997, Chris started his career at the Sheriff’s Department.  It was here that he was able to combine his life experiences with his training in the National Guard and Sheriff’s Office to provide an optimal service to the country, county, and community.