Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader…They set out to make a difference.

In most every position that Chris Hutton has had, he has been moved to leadership position.  In his first Job working at Hardees, Chris was asked to be a manager.  Following his return from basic training, he took that management position and became a closing supervisor for Hardees.

In the Army National Guard, Chris achieved the rank of Sergeant in 2003.  During his time in the National Guard, he received 29 awards.  This was due to his dedication and his attention to detail. It was during this career that Chris learned the Army Corp Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and courage.

In the Sheriff’s Office, Chris was identified as a leader and a mentor.  In 2001 Chris attended a Field Training Officer course where he learned how to educate and evaluate new recruits at the Sheriff’s Office.  He was promoted to Corporal in 2012 and continues to train and mentor other Deputies.

While working at the Sheriff’s Office, Chris became a member of the Deputies Association.  He was eventually voted in as Vice President, and then President by the members of the association.

While also working at the Sheriff’s Office, Chris became a member of the Grand Forks County Employees Association.  Following his term as President of the Deputies Association, Chris became a negotiator for the Employees Association, where he was a liason between the County Commissioners and the employees of the county.  Chris has held the position of Vice President, and currently is the President of the Employees Association.

In 2010 Chris became a board member of the Grand Forks Softball Association.  In 2011, Chris was elected Treasurer, and in 2012 Chris was appointed Commissioner of Grand Forks Softball, where he organizes and schedules the summer and fall softball leagues. 

Chris’ talent was recognized by the state softball association, where he was appointed a League Representative in 2012 by the State Softball Commissioner, and then nominated and elected to the State Executive Committee in 2014.  In 2015 Chris was appointed State Coed Softball Commissioner of North Dakota.

In June 2014 Chris was invited to play on the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, where he travels the nation to inspire and educate the public about overcoming adversity.  “Life without a limb is limitless.”  In January 2015, Chris was nominated and voted onto the Executive Board of Directors.

Throughout every position that Chris has held, he has been seen as a leader, and promoted as a leader.  However if you ask him, Chris is just trying to make that difference.  As each door opens up, Chris takes the opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience to make the organization stronger and more efficient.

This is Chris’ opportunity to make the Sheriff’s Office stronger and more efficient, thus providing a better service to the community and making it safer.